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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Where have they said that?
So do you think as Collins wasnt mandatory, he wouldnt have been a better challenge than R Frazier
Who wasnt a mandatory either
so because Collins lost by close debateable decision 2 divisions lower, that holds weight with you , You obviously havent seen the fight
Think that was Jones dismissing that challenge. Once again, thats video evidence for you Loudon, whilst you make assumptions
How was R Johnson, title or not a bigger fight, than a fighter who went to SMW and never lost and had beaten Eubank and Benn?
Did he challenge Michalczewski? NO NO NO
I agree, Hopkins didnt want to face Jones then
Just show me it
Which wasnt a much fight. Point is, the 2 biggest challenges for Jones on offer there and Roy didnt take those 2 when on offer
Dude, it's obvious DM ducked Roy
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