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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post

This video is from 1999.

Zod's links on post 78 are from 2001.

In 2001, they couldn't get Kohl to negotiate. So how serious do you think DM was two years earlier?

You've got video evidence of Larry saying DM was willing to go.


It's irrelevant what Larry said, because EVERYBODY knows that he didn't go in the end.
Of course he didnt. Jones wouldnt fight him. why else would he. Jones was asked out right there and wouldnt answer.
Do you need me to post the video again and show you Roys answer



He sent his advisor to meet with representatives of HBO to try and make the fight. Let me know when this has sunk in.
Show me where!! You say these things and dont show

Roy was the Unified champ!
So was DM before he was stripped. Once again you are fooled by titles. DM beat the man for them. Jones just picked up against the titles DM vacated and fighter who won them after he vacated.
remember DM beat the man. He was the real champ

DM's resume is nowhere near the level of Roy's. Let's do a head to head and have a laugh
I said at LHW and at LHW I think they are similar

DM beat -
Hill the man of the division and WBA/IBF champ, before Jones,
Rocchigiani the stripped WBA champ who Jones wouldnt face
Barber the WBO champ
Thadzi who beat Toney (that is a joke)
Griffin who beat Jones

Its where these people were when they were fought that counts

Jones was given a WBC title and the WBA & IBF were DMs stripped belts, so Roy didnt win them from the champ
McCallum was not long beaten by Tiozzo and Woods hadnt beaten anyone at that time,
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