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Default Re: Your opinion about Pac/JMM 4

Originally Posted by esrotak View Post
First of all, props to Marquez for that very impressive KO win over Pac. Honestly, I was shocked and I know for a fact that the whole world felt the same way. My question is... "Does (Pac/JMM-4) fight prove that Marquez is better than Pac? I'm not trying to be a pac**** here but I think that they are really evenly matched. It just happened that Marquez got that punch (should I say lucky punch?) landed, which ended the fight.

I think Pac needs to make a crucial decision at this moment, be a full time boxer or just retire from boxing. I don't think Pac is shot (watch the 4th round). If he decides to fight again, I want Pac/Marquez 5. That 4th round is a flashback of the young Pacman and Marquez.
It proves that both of thse guys are 50/50 against each other. While Pacquiao was winning the 4th fight, it was still a 50/50 affair till the finishing punch landed. By winning decisively, Marquez definitely proves he's better to the public for now. In my view, these guys will always bring a 50/50 type of fight. Hard for me to consider anyone better than the other, they're both on the same level to me.
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