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Default Re: Arum: "No Tune Up For Pac, Rematch In June Or September"

Originally Posted by sbbigmike View Post
No trolling pre Barrerra I was a die hard Manny fan, Pac****s made me hate and start trolling Manny

Truthfully I never wanted to see Manny slept like that, I just wanted Manny to get touch up a lil the 3rd round flash was enough for me, I was rooting for Manny after that then bam.........., I almost want to cry for him seriously......Any other promoter would be trying to build their fighter back up, why try to throw him back into the lions den, after getting ko'ed. JMM was already in his head, the mental hurdle is far to great for Manny to overcome and try to avenge his loss this time
I've never wanted to see that happen to Manny either; I've been a huge Pacquiao fan for over a decade now. But it was an incredible, competitive, skillful, brutal back and forth fight with a completely unpredictable ending - basically every reason I watch boxing.
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