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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by DaveyboyEs***UK View Post
Ha ha Toney fanboys are worse than Jones jr`s. How anybody can think Toney was levels above Eubank is just absurd
Originally Posted by DaveyboyEs***UK View Post
Yup mate, zoddy obviously hasnt watched the benn- eubank fights benn pushed eubank in the 1st fight and had him hurt, 2nd fight was completly different.

Toney certainly would`nt have put the pressure Benn did in his 1st fight with eubank, i actually think eubank would have frustrated Toney with his style

Completely agree mate

Zod picks which fights suit his agenda, I mention Benn pressuring Eubank and he talks about Benn-Eubank 2, and completely forgets Benn-Eubank one where Benn came out of the blocks like a mini Mike Tyson and they exchanged power punches

He also neglects Collins-Eubank 2 where Collins put the pressure on and set a pace that Eubank was uncomfortable with

Toney would be the favourite against Eubank, and could well win, I don't argue with that, but Eubank is in there with a chance. He had an awkward style that would frustrate Toney, especially with Eubank being so adept on the backfoot, and Toney struggling with fighters who gave him movement like Jones and Nunn

zod has an agenda which is why he's taken it so personally, hence he makes comments like this

Originally Posted by general zod
Eubank got out-boxed by Schommer, not outworked which is very different from what happened to Toney. This tells us that Schommer had better skills than Eubank

Whilst he completely denies that Toney lost to lesser fighters in Tiberi and Thadzi

Originally Posted by JPV View Post
It's not being a fan boy. It's just knowing the facts.

Eubank, as much as I love him, is a poor man's James Toney. None of his victories tell you anything about this fight because Toney is more like him (a better version of him) than any of Eubank's actual opponents. How do you beat a better version of yourself? You don't.

You don't think Eubank could frustrate Toney?
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