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Default Re: Arum: "No Tune Up For Pac, Rematch In June Or September"

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
If Pac is going to fight again he definitely needs to take on someone who doesn't know him as well as JMM does. WTF, is Taam Pac that desperate to get one convincing win over JMM? Makes very little sense based on 3 things:

1. Pac can still make a lot of money fighting Bradley or Rios
2. Another brutal KO could end Pac's life. Fighting a guy who knows how to take advantage of Pac's weakness just increases that chance.
3. Even if Pac wins, he'd have beaten a 40 yr old guy who finally got caught by father time. Not much satisfaction for Pac.

For Pac's best interest, I truly hope this decision comes down to his family vs. Arum. And I hope his family wins. During the post fight interview it was clear Pac thought it was a bad idea when Arum brought up a 5th fight. Clearly we have a case of a father and son type of relationship where son is forced to believe father knows best.
I dont understand this either, I'm

They are really trying to give JMM, Manny's head on a silver platter. If Manny was smart and if he had the money he needs to buy out his contract with Arum now, they are trying to drain every last bit out of Manny, when Manny has a 30-40 million dollar payday floating behind him still. Manny has to understand that Arum works for him, you can't let anybody who works for you dictate how **** is gonna down. If Roach cared about Manny he'd tell him get his house in order

A JMM doesn't have to happen now I'm sure he could lure JMM out of retirement in a year or 2 for a big money rematch then, but why now, Manny's people should ask why now...........
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