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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

This is just what I see. I'm no expert. But I believe the plan was to look for wide openings and conserve energy while throwing occasional body shots to wear Pac down. He was already throwing a ton of punches right after the opening bell. Just a matter of time for he slowed down and looked human. Due to Pac's early onslaught you are going to get hit, it just comes with the territory when someone is putting that much pressure on you. But still, Pac wasn't as effective as people would like to think.

Rd 1: close, could've gone either way, gave it to JMM
Rd 2: another close round, gave it to Pac
Rd 3: JMM dominates
Rd 4: close but JMM wins, landed a great body shot at the end of the round
Rd 5: Pac's best round obviously but still, JMM showed good defense which prevented him from getting KOed toward the end
Rd 6: Yes, Pac was outpointing JMM, but both landed good shots, KO at the end pretty much overshadows everything Pac has done up to that point

Pac dominated rd 5 but that's nullified by JMM's rd 3. Therefore a domination from Pac was non existent. He did well though. He looked good which is why JMM gets full credit for the win.
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