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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime


So you have no proof then? So HBO wanted the mandatory Frazier fight then, instead of undefeated at SMW Collins
I'll try and find some. Not that it will make any difference with you.

I'm saying that HBO wanted the unification fight with Reggie over the Collins one.

Neither was Otis Grant
Ha! Here's Otis popping up again. What's this got to do with anything? We're talking about the position that Collins was in in 1999.

Not as big as DM
Possibly. In 1999 Reggie was seen as a big fight. After Reggie, people associated DM has Roy's only other opponent that had the remaining belt. The longer the fight went without being mde, the more people talked about it. I agree that DM was the bigger fight in the end, but in 1999 I'm not so sure.

Dont do anything for my benefit, you walked into your own shot there
I mentioned it, because I know what you're like.

If Roy had've beaten Collins but not fought Reggie, what would you be saying now?

Probably something on the lines of "Collins had already being beaten by Reggie Johnson. Why didn't Roy fight the guy who beat Collins? The Collins win meant nothing."

I think that's a pretty good guess of what you'd have said. You can't win with guys like you. You wouldn't have been satisfied if he'd have beaten Lewis.

We know that you hold Eubank's losses to Thompson in higher regard than Roy's win over Ruiz.

I seem to remember it being hyped in the papers and was still being talked about from 96
It would have been in Britain wouldn't it. He'd just fought Benn and Eubank and was popular.

You seem to be owned by belts. Tell me would Jones against Johnson have been bigger than Jones DM if DM relinquished his title?
You're trying to wriggle out of the question.

Steve Collins was a great fighter. But in 1999 when he got in the ring with Roy, he'd done nothing for a while. Roy was fighting at 175, and his objective was to unify the division.

AT THE TIME, a fight with Reggie to unify at 175 was BIGGER than a fight with a retired 168 fighter.

Simple as that! That's not being disrespectful to Steve, but that's how it was AT THE TIME.

Show me, Im not going round looking at others posts, when it could be a point of view of another poster. Show me the evidence

I'm not going to re post it, when it will take you literally about 20 seconds to find it.

Page 6, post 78. How hard can that be?

No he wasnt
Yes he was. Read up on it.

Where? No I havent
You admitted that Hop priced himself out, and didn't want the fight.

You then said, Roy didn't take up the offers of fighting those two guys. You were referring to Hop and DM, because Roy fought Reggie and Telesco.

So, if Hop priced himself out, there was no offer for Roy to take up was there?

Was with DM, he was even calling Jones out in the Ring mag by making open offers, didnt see Roy respond, but Roy knew how to place those adds, as he was putting them in the ring mag for Gainer to call out Hamed
You can can mention the Ring mag all day long.

When DM was pushed in an interview about when he was fighting Roy, the only thing he could say was "Talk to my management."

Brad Jacobs and the guys at HBO could never get to talk to Kohl, and he refused the idea of a double header which was stupid!

Mmm, I wonder why this was?

You also have this as well as the links on post 78.

Also, we know what DM did after talks broke down.

He had the opportunity to fight Roy in America, it's pretty obvious that he wasn't interested. Talk is cheap. He can say anything to a magazine. When push came to shove, Peter Kohl never sat down with Jacobs and HBO to make that fight.

He stayed in Germany and continued to fight b class opposition who Roy had toyed with.

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