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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Of course he didnt. Jones wouldnt fight him. why else would he. Jones was asked out right there and wouldnt answer.
Do you need me to post the video again and show you Roys answer
I think you should read up on this because you're embarrassing yourself.

Show me where!! You say these things and dont show
You're now asking me to show you evidence, yet you refuse to move your mouse to page six and read the other links from page 78.

Do you think I'm going to waste my time looking online, when you won't even read the other links, that will take you 20 seconds to find?

So was DM before he was stripped. Once again you are fooled by titles. DM beat the man for them. Jones just picked up against the titles DM vacated and fighter who won them after he vacated.
remember DM beat the man. He was the real champ
DM was stripped and did nothing about it.

Lets look at Roy against Griffin. What he did was stupid, and he deserved the DQ. But what happened after? He ordered Levin to make the fight at any cost, and was in a bad mood for a whole three months. Smoke Gainer and Gabe Brown said they'd never seen him like that. He was outraged and demanded the rematch. What happened in the rematch? He iced him in a single round. That's just an example for you.

Now, what happened when DM was stripped? What did he do? You would have assumed that he'd have been outraged at Roy walking around with three belts. You would assume that he'd have been dying to get Roy in the ring to get them back.

What happened? Kohl refused the double header, and wouldn't negotiate with Jacobs and HBO. He wouldn't go to America.

What did he do after talks had broken down? He was so outraged that Roy was the unified champ, he continued to fight in Germany and fight Richard Hall twice and Harmon who Roy'd easily beaten. That right there tells you how bad he wanted his old belts back that had been taken from him.

I said at LHW and at LHW I think they are similar
I'm talking about at 175. There are in no way even similar. Let's do a head to head of their best wins at the weight. And be honest and not biased.

DM beat -
Hill the man of the division and WBA/IBF champ, before Jones,
Rocchigiani the stripped WBA champ who Jones wouldnt face
Barber the WBO champ
Thadzi who beat Toney (that is a joke)
Griffin who beat Jones
Like I say, we'll do a fair head to head of each fighters best wins, and there we'll do a comparison, and then see what opinions the other posters have.

Its where these people were when they were fought that counts
You should remember this when you post your stats on other threads. Boxrec stats are very useful but they don't allow for circumstances.

Jones was given a WBC title and the WBA & IBF
Yep, one day while feeding his chickens on his farm in Pensacola, a Fed Ex van pulled up, and the driver shouted out "Yo Roy! Your three belts are here, come and sign for them!"

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