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Default Re: Mayweather Promotions about to have another champ K9 vs Ishe Smith ?

Originally Posted by iceman71 View Post
mayweather was so great for jessie vargas he ****ing left........
They were giving him the perfect escalation of opposition and giving him the perfect platforms to showcase on. I think he F'd up leaving.

Previous 5 fights before leaving MP:
Vivian Harris - first name opponent, completely shot to hell, perfect
Walter Estrada - good veteran test, youtube highlight KO
Josesito Lopez - televised undercard of Mayweather/Ortiz PPV, perfect
Lanardo Tyner - good veteran test, televised on Showbox as main event, perfect
Steve Forbes - televised undercard of Mayweather/Cotto PPV, perfect

Last 2 since leaving:
Aaron Martinez -
Vito Gasparyan -
What like, ESPN2?
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