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Default Floyd vs JMM at 140. Would you buy it?

We know the money fights for JMM at the moment are PBF or Pac. Pac fight seems like a forgone conclusion that JMM wins again. KOs like that change people and Pac can only really do worse here IMO.

PBF i feel was so one sided solely because of the weight. JMM said it himself. He couldnt even push him with his punches. If they made the fight at 140 I dont feel PBF would have such a huge weight advantage. By fight night both would be at about 150 or a little more. Also I dont think it is impossible for PBF to get down there if he really did lose 15 pounds in jail. I have always felt that PBF bulks up to 160 for his WW fights. The difference in size from his weigh ins to the actual fight are pretty noticeable and definitely not the 4-5 pounds his fans would have you think.

I in no way am saying that JMM wins this fight but it would level out the playing field and with JMMs new strength and conditioning coach it can only be a better fight. Besides who else is JMM going to fight now and collect the type of check he deserves? Pac? Nahh I want JMM to have a chance at redemption.
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