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Default Re: Which boxer is hardest to beat currently?

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
Wlad seems to be a league above the others, but one punch can change all of that. Mayweather used to be extremely hard to beat, but I think he's slowed down quite a bit the last few years. Same for VK. Bradley is good but not unbeatable (Pac did it according to most).

As much as I dislike the man, I don't see Ward losing to anyone soon. Certainly not at 168. Too skilled, too much ring IQ and always the hometown edge.
Of those in the poll I fancy Martinez could beat Mayweather and 154

Nobody is beating the Klitschko's anytime soon

Bradley is beatable as Pacquiao proved and I fancy some of the other guys in and around 147 could handle him.

Nobody is beating Ward unless he moves up to Cruiserweight and then probably not either (only one I'd give a hope too between 175 and 160 is GGG)

Martinez is'nt that invincible. Chavez Jr nearly stopped him in the 12th and Macklin was leading on points until quite late in the fight.

Broner should beat anyone at lightweight but at 140- different story

Marquez can be beaten. I wouldn't write off someone like Guerrero, Rios or Matthysee beating him.

Froch will lose a rematch with Ward most likely.

Donaire deserves a mention too- even though his weight class and the one above is loaded he's a league above.
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