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Default Re: Arum: "No Tune Up For Pac, Rematch In June Or September"

Lewis was laid out by Rahman, fought him straight away in a rematch and got his revenge.

Knockouts happen in boxing, 1 punch can change the fight. Maybe JMM will do it again, who knows. I guess Pac is not overly concerned about his health, he's a fighter. The guy came from poverty, knocked out twice before, this is nothing new for him, he's used to adversity. It's new to the fans, people who has followed his career post MAB has been given the impression that he could walk through any punch, maybe even bullets according to a certain uncle Rog. People just in shock of how devastating the KO was and who it happened to. If it happened to Khan, just another day in the office...people were calling for him to rematch Garcia straight away.

IMO it really was the best Pac I have seen since Cotto. Just so happened he was facing a master counterpuncher who knows him very well and had probably planned that exact punch all through camp, and to top it off the guy's power has almost doubled in the past year. That version of Pac would have stopped bradley in 6 and walked through his shots.

If JMM fights again at WW, feel sorry for who he is gonna fight. His power is another level. Nobody has knocked down Pac legit in a decade, the guy did it in the 3rd round with relative ease. From then on I knew he had 1 punch ko power. Probably hits harder than Pac at this point.
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