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Default Re: Your opinion about Pac/JMM 4

I think Marquez vs Pac 4 proves what I thought before the fight, and why I picked Marquez to win.

When two fighters decline, the edge will begin to go to the one who is the better ring general.

Pac was great because the crazy **** he does in the ring, he could get away with because of his physical ability, chin, speed and power. He was an athletic fighting freak

He is declining, and while Marquez has been too (obviously, the dude is basically 40), when this happens.... the two guys who were fairly even before (the distance JMM would put between them in skill, Pac would close with his ability to hurt/drop jmm (this was due to his crazy ability), but as they decline, the one who is a true boxing master like Marquez, will start to overtake the athletic freak.

The more they keep fighting, the wider I expect this gap between them to grow.

Think of it like a less extreme Hopkins vs Roy Jones. Roy could beat Hopkins when they were young because he was an athletic phenom. As they both physically declined, Hopkins overtook him because he is a true master at the art of boxing, while Roy required his athletic ability.

Anyways, its just imo.

This fight didnt prove a blanket statement like MARQUEZ IS BETTER THEN PAC.

But it does prove, that Marquez is better then Pac now that they are both not in their primes anymore. At least on a H2H basis. There are still guys that I think Pac have beaten, that I dont think JMM could. And that matters when discussing such things.

But since they are no longer in their primes? Marquez is indeed better H2H with Pac, and that does count for a lot in my book.

Anyways, just all imo.

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