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Default Re: No mames Chris John wants JMM

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
Chris John UD12.

Marquez won't be able to deal with that slickness and power from John, plus dropping the weight would hurt him.
I think Marquez being hurt from dropping the bulk and John having to punch 11 pounds north of his career max (and mean, and median...dude's been very consistent with his weight for 14 years and is definitely as "comfortable" as one can be in a division at feather...meaning he might not be comfortable at all elsewhere) will cancel each other out. Then it's just down to what each man has going on right now, a true p4p match-up in the sense of "what would happen if you could make them the same size". In that regard, I still hold John in high esteem as a h2h fighter but he is slipping and Marquez is - while far from his best - rejuvenated enough to take this one. He's not the same animal he was last time they met. Far more aggressive now, and with a whole bag of tricks up his sleeve from taking on top-notch opposition. (which John has only seen in doses)
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