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Default Re: Larry Merchant set to leave HBO after 35 years?

Originally Posted by paclapse View Post
eh ****en wrestlers, mma fans, and boxing fans alike are always *****ing about commentating i could careless, Larry was damn Awesome, alil slow [long gaps and ****] on the post fight interviews but still more than do-able during fight time, we all get old and alil out of touch, Larry is one of the ones [out of who knows how many] commentators who challenge and dont kiss ass unless hes rooting for a particular fav which he's obviously forgiven for, always loved Larry and if he does go i only have Great Memories of this guy..
He did come off challenging and biased, but professionally that's not cool either too...

His lengthy dramatic pauses to "gather his wittiness" sometimes failed, no... FLAILED, and was rather laughable, especially when it was non-sensical or not quite relateable. Eventually that gets annoying to hear. And when you're the main commentator, that's bad news...
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