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Default Re: How does Broner fare against Mayweather

I really wanted to do an in-depth post here,but I just can't see anywhere where the most complete fighter of the last 20 years does not supercede Broner.
P4P,Broner may have more power,but Floyd does that short jab where it's basically just an arm extension yet very effective.
He's one of the finest components of "Hit and don't get hit",he's a beast in the gym and can do twelve rounds without breathing hard.
I don't see him as a great body puncher,but he doesn't need to be.
Chin is solid.Look at the fuss they made of Mosley's punch yet for me it was **** all in the grand scheme.
His footwork is on a different level to Broner's.
And ring IQ shouldn't be up for debate.

And I rate Broner very highly.
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