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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
How was the competition to get stiffer? Dawson lost to Pascal, Tarver was easily handled by Hopkins who Calzaghe beat. Who else was there? Nobody.
Thats owned boy

You bet, you still didnt answer my example to it.
Why are Wards team calling out 40 year old, 4 years retired Calzaghe, when they could have fought a unification with Bute? You know why!
Took you a long time to find the answer Loudon.
Tell me which fighters who werent world champs from back in the 90s that you can recall, who came from Sheffield.
Quick answer, not a long search

Fighters that DM refused to fight. Like who? Rocchigiani, oh no that was Jones , who didnt want to fight the Rocch or DM
If Ward fought Calzaghe now, he'd be derided left and right by everyone in the boxing industry(and rightfully so) for fighting a long retired fighter.

By the way,do you at leaqst admit that Ward is the man at SMW,now that hes easily beaten 3 of the top 5 SMW in the world?

You deride what Toney did at 168...tell me,what did Collins do at 175?

And thats when he was fighting...let alone when he had been retired for 2 years.

Instead of fighting Collins, Jones went on to fight someone who was still active(Collins wasnt), a light heavyweight champ(something Collins never was) and who had a win over Collins!

Also when Collins did come back for what many believed was a warm up match,after which he'd fight Jones, he collapsed in training.
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