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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
How was the competition to get stiffer? Dawson lost to Pascal, Tarver was easily handled by Hopkins who Calzaghe beat. Who else was there? Nobody.
Thats owned boy

You bet, you still didnt answer my example to it.
Why are Wards team calling out 40 year old, 4 years retired Calzaghe, when they could have fought a unification with Bute? You know why!
Took you a long time to find the answer Loudon.
Tell me which fighters who werent world champs from back in the 90s that you can recall, who came from Sheffield.
Quick answer, not a long search

Fighters that DM refused to fight. Like who? Rocchigiani, oh no that was Jones , who didnt want to fight the Rocch or DM
You make me laugh.

I've been out earlier. I'm not sat at my PC all night, and I'm trying to answer my replies in order.

I'm now 32, and nearly 33.

I grew up watching Herol, Naz, Ryan Rhodes, Johnny Nelson etc. I can remember the full monty from the arena in 97, and when Rhodes lost to Grant in 98.

When I was about 15 Brendan had Pele Reid a former kick boxer who was exciting to watch, but he fizzled out.

Buster Keeton is respected as is Clinton Woods. Glynn Rhodes used to fight from Brendan's stable but he never fulfilled his potential. When he retired he became a trainer and he trained Herol for his comeback in the mid 90's.

He's now a successful promoter and trainer in Sheffield and he has Ross the Boss Burkinshaw in his stable as well as my mate John the Fireball Fewkes, who made his comeback last week in Barnsley after two years out.

Please tell me what I've ever said, what's made you doubt that I'm from Sheffield?

By the way, when Brendan moved to Sheffield in the 60's, he stayed with my aunty and uncle for a while, before he got set up.

He was always extremely grateful to them, and he once attended my aunts birthday party in the 80's.

I could have walked through the doors of the gym at Wincobank whenever I wanted, and I'd have been welcomed with open arms. But my mum and Dad never wanted me to go. They wouldn't even get me a punchbag. Ha!

I can remember thinking in 98, that I should down, just for fitness. But I was embarrassed and I thought I was too old, and I'd get laughed at. What an idiot! It's the worst mistake I ever made.

So there you are.

Why would Zod pretend to be from Leeds?
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