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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

Pac****s think they win every round of every fight f*ck those idiots.If he was it wasn't by much Marquez was bout to get the lead back after 2nd Knockdown.I had 1 point for Marquez & some had it 1 pt the other way excluding the Kd meaning had manny gotten up Marquez would be up from anywhere 1-3 pts on peoples scorecards.What was going to happen happened anyways Marquez won end of story.Everybody underestimated him like always Thinking he's too old & Pac would KO him instead he stook it up everyone's ass .Gotta love it .Pac****s are in mad denial still trying to find a legitimate excuse .They're saying/accusing Marquez had better steroids after Marquez accepted all tests & aced floyds ,Like Marquez vs manny & all 3 judges wasn't enough .
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