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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

I watched the fight in a noisy house, and heard no audio. I can't wait until the HBO replay, because I want to see what Roach was saying in the corner. He should have been telling Pac to calm down, and be careful of counters after the third. This fight shows what a relatively low ring IQ Pacquiao has...I mean, he had to realize that Marquez wasn't ****ing around. In the closing seconds of the 6th, Pac snapped Juan's head back with a nice left. Marquez responded immediately with a flurry that drove Pac back. Pac should have known that Marquez wasn't that hurt, and should have backed the **** off...just took the round. But no, he decided to get reckless and throw a combo (jab, jab, straight left) that JMM has nullified over and over...

Part of having a low ring IQ is the inability to adjust to what your opponent is doing. In the second round, Mayweather got rocked by Mosley. Mosley threw a left to the body, then a right over the top which caught Floyd square on the chin. Mosley tired the same exact combo in the next round, and got popped. Floyd had pretty much dared Mosley to try that combo again.
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