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Default Re: Larry Merchant set to leave HBO after 35 years?

I hate Merhants ass sometimes, especially in the Packie interview but all in all, I respect the guy because I know he's been there and done that. It would be hard not being able to cuss his ass out. That's one of my favorite pastimes. **** Paulie, anybody who claimed a win for Cotto in the Trout fight is blind and full of ****. Roy ain't going nowhere cause that ***** Lampley needs him. Plus he's not half bad. Kellerman is weak and everybody knows it. That's why he lost his show. He ask school boy questions with all that he said, she said ****. Then he spouts all his common knowledge wisdom and act like he said something profound. Ledderman is crazy but I can live with that cause he don't hate. When Merchant goes, a whole lot of history goes with him. I will miss the old dog.
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