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Default Re: Why all the hate for Max Kellerman?

You have an opposite thread on here that says the new HBO broadcasting team should be Roy Jones, Jr., Lennox Lewis and Teddy Atlas, pleeease already! Now I for one am for retiring Jim Lampley and most definitely Larry Merchant but what in the hell is up with all the hate for Max Kellerman?

Max is as calm and well leveled as they come and to some if not most of these opiniated individuals out there, haters especially, Max in a smooth sense comes of to some degree as being a little bit liberal but in reality it's just a person trying to be fair to both sides and not just one when he's on the mike. Hey, there was only one Howard Cossell and like the pimp he was he had more than his share of haters to compensate for the one and only true person/friend whom he helped turn into an extrordinary media creation that he was already becoming(Muhammad Ali) and in turn that person helped Howard become even more than what the average joelike journalist could even dream about becoming to the media and american television. Max Kellerman already has his share of haters, but he's not the next H.Cossell. He's already becoming the first Max Kellerman, who will eventually be known as just "Max."

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