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Default Some fans hope that Marquez tests positive for PEDs

I have heard people say that they’re hoping Marquez’s test turns up positive for PEDS. I think that is shameful to blame Marquez for juicing without evidence, and that we are allowing this discussion to over shadow his major accomplishment in destroying Pacquiao. Well, I say its Marquez’s choice of strength coach, unusual muscle growth, and a dirty sport that is overshadowing his major accomplishment.

The sport of boxing in recent years has been plagued with those that think it is okay to bend the rules. We can start with Margarito, who was caught with loaded hand wraps before his fight with Mosley, and we can pretty much say that there are a lot of people who believe he did the same thing against Cotto. Margarito vehemently denies he knew anything about the plaster, he placed all the blame on his long time wrap man that was like a father figure to him and then fired him. Bravo. Margarito then was given the opportunity by Pacman and was given a substantial payday to face the champ. He then got another payday to face Cotto.

Recently we have had a few people pop positive in their tests like Peterson and Berto. Funny thing about these two is that they are the ones that requested random blood testing for their bouts right before they were caught. What came of it. Berto’s suspension was limited and laughable and he was back in the ring with Robert Guerrero soon after.

The bottom line is the sport of boxing is plagued with controversy and cheaters, and if Marquez pops positive think of all the angry fans that have followed Manny’s tremendous run the past few years and how upset they will be that this happened. These fans will learn to appreciate the stand that Floyd Mayweather has taken forcing every opponent he has faced in recent years to take a random blood and urine test for PED’s. Because of Manny’s popularity, a positive test will bring about outrage and maybe, just maybe someone will do something so that this never happens again, hence bringing integrity back to the sport.
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