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Default Re: I thought punching power could not be improved at all!

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Dealt with, if you're this big ****in puncher, why not post a video of you hitting a bag?

Weights may increase punching power to an extent, but there are certain individuals who are genetically inclined to hit hard.

Marquez happens to be one of those guys. His punching power is one of the reasons why he's such an effective counterpuncher.

As I've previously said, I've seen guys who were ardent weightlifters who had very good numbers, but for some reason were incredibly weak punchers, yet had many of the attributes that guys who lift weights too much do.

They were very hittable.

On the same token, I've seen guys that never lifted a weight in their life, but had monsterous punching power for their weight.

I don't know how much it contributes. It's hard to say. I've always been a hard puncher, but I've also lifted over 1000 lbs with my combined 3 lifts.

I don't lift weights now though, but I can still punch.

What have I personally got to do with the facts that I'm talking about? And how on earth are you going to be able to judge power from me hitting a bag?

Probably because they spent time in the weight room instead of perfecting their technique. Weights aren't going to make you punch hard on their own, you need to know how to punch first. Obviously.
Power also has a lot to do with strength to weight ratio, if you're building a lot of muscle you're going to decrease your punching power. You can be a great puncher without weights but that same guy could be a better puncher with some intelligent, periodised weight training that doesn't get in the way of his boxing training and doesn't make him put on too much mass.
P.S. 1000lbs on the three lifts isn't anywhere close to being bragworthy unless you weigh under 150.
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