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Default Re: I thought punching power could not be improved at all!

Originally Posted by Shrewd Operator View Post
Clearly no one here has any grasp of science,

Power = mass x speed x velocity

There are more variables than just one(adding muscle mass), improved speed is a factor, improved timing.

Marquez spent a lot of his training camp training the explosive muscle fibres, power comes with speed.
Marquez could always punch. Like other's said, it basically contributed to his sharpness.

He could keep that crispness on it, but it comes at an expense. And that's his mobility.

That's why he was taking so many punches. All that lifting grounds you a little more, but it gives you a little stiffness.

It comes with a cost.

A guy with long arms and speed would pick Marquez apart. ****, if Pac stayed on his gameplan he could have done the same, although Marquez has a very difficult style for Pacquaio.

Either way though, Marquez is a natural puncher that topped off. I wanna see dealt with aka lefty punch a bag. I want to see his proclaimed power

I gotta see this ****. He talks all that ****, so put that **** on display.
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