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Default Re: Canelo vs Mayweather? Official?

Originally Posted by Manos de Hierro View Post

I don't think anybody can deny - with a straight face - that despite Canelo not proving himself against elite 154 lbers,

1) Floyd isn't a Junior Middleweight, he's a welterweight at this stage
Agreed. Specially weighing 150lbs in the ring. He can still make 140lbs.
2) Alvarez will be notably bigger on fight night (big time)
True. Specially considering this fight will be at 154. Canelo will be pushing 170lbs.

3) Alvarez has the power to hurt Floyd and make things immensely interesting
He definitely has power, so did Cotto and Mosley. Which I feel had better one hit type of knockout. I think Canelo has the Vitali type of power. He can hit you, but it's more like a consistent beating. Maybe that's just me.

4) Floyd likely can't hurt Alvarez, which means he's going on 100% skill
I think he can. We all just watched Pac get knocked out by Marquez and Pac's been in there with a lot of good punchers. Floyd's great at picking his punches. He can hit him with some shots he can't see. Specially since this is too early in Canelo's career for the fight.

5) Nobody can ***** about this fight, period.
As a diehard fan, I can find something to complain about.

Not finding a way to make the Pac fight. We are now left with this fight, which is the best available. But I'm sorry. It is the best available but this is again, too early for Canelo and I'd rather have Floyd fighting, Pac (before he lost) Marquez. or Martinez.

It's not like Martinez wouldn't cancel his April fight...
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