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Default Re: Some fans hope that Marquez tests positive for PEDs

Originally Posted by Pimp C View Post
I agree jmm coming up positive would be horrible for the sport. No real fan of the sport should want this.
a REAL fan of the sport would not want steroids cheats in the sport PERIOD.

I love Pac and JMM, but I dont give two ****s how popular and decorated they are in the sport...


IF JMM is dirty, I hope he gets caught, I don't care how bad he wanted to beat Pac

IF Pac is dirty, I hope he gets caught

If anybody is cheating, THEY ALL MUST GET CAUGHT!!!

I understand testing can't catch everything, but that doesn't mean we have to accept the **** and hope that news of a possible failed test is not true to "protect the sport."

Not scolding anybody, just stating feelings here
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