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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Chambers is at Crusier. Rank him there and with the Adamek showing I'd say around 5-4. Arslan higher at CW didn't you see the Huck fight? Quillin deserves spot at 3-4. Beat Hassan well who was in my top 6-7. Pavlik should be in SMW top 10. Floyd is the Welterweight champion. Bump Paulie up a few notches at 147. Bump Gamboa up into SFW top 5 at least. Tajbert is way too high. Add other top European SFWs too in top 10 like Fegatilli or Boschiero if you keep Tajbert. Luis Concepcion is at Super Flyweight now and I think Tyson Marquez is still number 2 but it is close.

A bit jumbled up but just quick thoughts and personal opinions.
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