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Default Re: Floyd vs JMM at 140. Would you buy it?

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
I dont think Pac was roided either U and I already know why he got knocked out, not just what happened in the fight but what didnt happen in camp.
He refused to do any work Ariza had set up for him... You have to wonder what other short cuts he was taking in camp as well?

I am doing fine thank you hope all is well for you, I dont think Manny is going to beat a healthy Bradley I had Tim winning that fight close with two injured feet.

Tim has a monster Looping right hand, we have seen it before, that shot killed Manny in his fight with Marquez with two healthy feet he will be able to sit down on that shot and catch Manny as Marquez did.

The reality here is Manny should retire, he was knocked out cold fighters are never the same after that kind of stoppage.
Looking forward to Canelo vs Floyd, Floyd slowing down a little getting up there in age against a kid who is the bigger man naturally I think its a good fight.

either way I crept back into this forum to see what happened to the pac****s I know they took it hard when Bradley got the win I just wondered what was going on with them after Marquez destroyed him.

anyhow I really do not want to see Floyd and Pac fight a win here for Floyd really doesnt do him much.

I thought Pac dominated vs Bradley.

Mind you.. I still haven't watched that in HD. I should.

I had stuck to the lounge for the 8 months or so. Came back in force today to post. Not sure if I will keep it up.
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