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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ****

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
- Regular Yearly Rankings is the same as always, pretty much just tracks your record throughout the year on how you picked.
- Peoples Championship is a title anyone can hold, all you have to do is challenge, and beat, the current peoples champ on one of his picks.
- WBK title is a 12 round showdown between two posters.... each round is a fight, whoever picks the most correct fights of those 12 rounds/fight wins the belt.

- Wagers will be coming back next year, pretty simple.... just wagering against other members on who will win what fight or whatever.

Pretty much it for the most part.

Anyways, hope to see you in 2013
You shall!

Originally Posted by kirk
Ill be trying my luck in yours as well

I actually hope to see more cross league participation overall this year if we can work it. Maybe even some kind of mid-season inter-league tournament if anyone has any good ideas?

On that note, I never know where to find the lists to pick from over here.

I'm fairly sure these fights are included though, so my picks:

Rigondeaux KO4
Donaire KO5
Angulo KO4
Khan TKO11
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