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Default Re: ***The Official Golota Express!***

Originally Posted by Hoax976 View Post
Did you hear the special affects biting sound they added when they showed the bite?
I did!!

I'm not sure a prime Golota could beat a Klitschko either but I always thought that would have been a great match-up provided he showed to the fight with the kind of confidence he had against Bowe. I think Vitali would have been to tough for him but I can see him having a good chance against Wlad.
Golota of 1996 versus Wlad from before he started working with Emanuel Steward - I think THAT Golota had a shot against that Wlad. It would be, I think, a matter of who landed a big right first. Golota of 1996 would have been able to jab with the pre-Steward Wlad, I think. I do not give him much of a shot, because I think Wlad is much more intelligent inside the ring that Andrew ever was, and I reckon Wlad finds an early opening for a sledgehammer right on Andrew, but who knows. It's boxing.

Vitali's chin and mental toughness make him a tall order for even the '96 Golota. Maybe ;96 Golota against a really green version of Vitali or an extremely old Golota would have a shot! But even then, you may have to combine the physical 1996 Golota with the mental state of a 2004 Golota!
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