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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by jan_fan View Post
Nice ****ysis too. It is also good to feint on JMM's counter when he approaches him, but still, he's moving the JMM's strong side. When he approaches on there, he's too much extending himself leaving his face open to JMM's counter right. JMM doesn't need to extend his arms to KO Pac because Pac's face was there to meet his fists.

As I said again, moving to the right would have been the easier way for Pac's part. What he was doing to JMM was the hard way.
Pac does have a nasty habit of moving to his left, but he likes to fight that way. You don't necessarily have to move to your right to take away the right hand. It's a trick pacquiao uses moving that way to bait your right hand, then he pivots farther over to the side and comes back with his own left hand / combination. Check out the Margarito fight and he does it all night.

Here's a gif:


Pac tends to move to his right more when he's got a more stationary or forward moving opponent. He's great a shifting / turning them, and keeping them off balance - as he did to De La Hoya, Cotto, Margarito, etc.

To the topic - I don't agree that he cant ever beat Marquez that's silly. He already did - multiple times even, depending on who you talk to. And he was clearly winning this last one until he got caught. Marquez does have his number, and he's a nightmare for Pac stylistically ; but he doesn't always beat him. If he it were that way, these guys wouldn't make for such a competitive fight.

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