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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by HellSpawn86 View Post
I won't quote your first post, but good ****ysis. However I will say that is still a very general ****ysis as to how righties and lefties should be fighting each other. I'm not really going to add much as I haven't ****yzed the fights that in dept, but I can tell you that Marquez generally has the better foot positioning because he backing up, keeping light on his feet. Once Pacquiao commits to his jab coming forward Marquez steps to the outside and hits him with his counter right.

The main reason Marquez doesn't jab too much is that Pacquiao generally times his own counter hook. Also Marquez doesn't try to keep him at bay, he is trying to draw him in for counters. This actually why most people fail to actually "outbox" Pacquiao. There is no way you are not going to get hit against Pac. One of the smartest counter-punchers Marquez has taken a beat every time. Everyone who has tried to replicate his plan keep stepping back and standing straight but find themselves getting tagged. Marquez doesn't move back to move back, he is drawing Pac in and crouching low. Marquez also sets up patterns and switches them up to either bring up or down the guard. I haven't seen anyone replicate that.

I think the adjustments Pac made were correct. When you have equal dimensions or shorter you got use a lot of feints and head movement to draw out the counter and then come back with your own counters which Pac did beautifully several times. I would however add, which he did a little bit is a bit more side to side foot work. I think he still comes to straight forward where as I think cutting off the ring and getting Marquez to the ropes would be more in his favor. I think it's the only way he can draw it back into a firefight like the 1st and 2nd bouts.
Nice ****ysis too. It is also good to feint on JMM's counter when he approaches him, but still, he's moving the JMM's strong side. When he approaches on there, he's too much extending himself leaving his face open to JMM's counter right. JMM doesn't need to extend his arms to KO Pac because his face was there to meet his fists.

As I said again, moving to the right would have been the easier way for Pac's part. What he was doing to JMM the hard way.
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