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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

Originally Posted by Strike View Post
What the **** are you blathering on about? You can barely write a cogent sentence. First of all..the opening sentence is irrelevant conjecture and you have made the mistake of thinking that I give a **** about the history of what you deem to be mine.

Here's a hint Einstein, if my great great Grandfather was a rapist, it doesn't make me one. If he was a genius, it doesn't make me one. I don't take pride in the achievements of others nor do I feel guilt at the fact that white guys in Britain did bad things. They are not me. I was not born.

You're a cretin with a woefully inadequate grasp of history and such a miserable level of written English that even conversing with you is tiring and depressing.

Could you promise to have a vasectomy? It would be a real boon to the gene pool.
im glad you wrote that strike.
Im a bit bad at explaining **** in writing,good post and well owned sir

dempsey is a typical english hating irishman,aint got a clue about history and balme everything from jesus being crucified to the invention of slavery(i honestly laughed my head off at that and im a ****ing thick plasterer from burnley) on the good old english .

think he needs to change his user name,its embaressing to dempsey
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