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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
I disagree. Manny doesn't naturally move that way all the time. He always tries to step rightward when throwing, he's done it to pretty much all of his opponents. It's just that as a matador, JMM takes away the angle by anticipating and stepping leftwards before Manny gets to him. You watched all four fights and didn't see JMM pivot and spin as Manny comes in?

Any time a fighter throws without stepping to Manny's left, like Cotto and JMM whenever they stepped in straight with their jab, Manny takes advantage and steps rightward to get the angle for his left.

Walking a fighter into the left by going all the way to their right is another way to catch an opponent; the right isn't really at an angle to come out with any power. The opposite is true for the reverse situation and a right hand, obviously.

I remember Roach saying sometime after the move to 147 or 140 that Manny hopped to the left and tapped him on the shoulder, and a lightbulb went off, so they started incorporating attacking from both sides more often.
That's what I've been seeing most of the time everytime Pac lounges to 1-2 punches to JMM. Why do you think I've opened-up the clockwise movement JMM was using? It's because he's baiting Pac to keep on stepping-in to his right so that he can throw his counter right on Pac.

What I'm saying is that Pac kept on following JMM clockwise. Why not move counter-clockwise and intercept JMM in his left side? Tell me what's wrong with that then?
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