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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by jan_fan View Post
That's what I've been seeing most of the time everytime Pac lounges to 1-2 punches to JMM. Why do you think I've opened-up the clockwise movement JMM was using? It's because he's baiting Pac to keep on stepping-in to his right so that he can throw his counter right on Pac.

What I'm saying is that Pac kept on following JMM clockwise. Why not move counter-clockwise and intercept JMM in his left side? Tell me what's wrong with that then?
You mean why didn't Manny step over? He had the disadvantage of always leading, allowing JMM to out-maneuver him every time he came forward. Manny stepped forward and counter-clockwise plenty of times, but by the time he landed, JMM circled clockwise again. JMM pivots too close to Manny for him to properly step over. Now, against Bradley, who was circling clockwise all night but too far out of range, Manny simply stepped over and found his angle almost at will. Bradleys right hand was largely missing that night for that reason.
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