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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
It's simple. Marquez is just a smarter fighter. As long as he's in top shape both mentally and physically he'll always find ways to adjust to Pacquiao no matter what Pac brings to the table. Obviously Pac will have his bright moments since he's a tremendous athlete but Marquez, as long as he can stay on his feet, will turn the tide when he's in trouble. Even though Pac has a better resume and is more accomplished career wise, JMM is better than him when they go head to head. It's incredible that in 4 wars and after being hurt so many times, Marquez has never clinched. Amazing man.
This, pretty much. ****yzing it, putting up graphics and gifs is always interesting, but it all boils down to the fact that JMM has two things it takes to trouble Pacquiao - smarts, and *****. He could have all the ring IQ in the world, but it definitely takes a fair about of courage to stay in the pocket and throw the counters Marquez throws, because a slight miscalculation, and Pac could counter right back.
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