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Default Re: What makes you ****? A 12 round boxing masterclass or a straight blowout?

Makes me laugh how many people on here say they want to see a masterclass. I bet ALL of you have lambasted a fighter for having little or no power. Malignaggi gets a lot of stick for this. It goes along the lines of.."oh he can hold his hands up sure, but he's got no power"
I like many types of fights personally. As someone mentioned earlier, Hopkins' dominance over pavlik was punch perfect, froch v pascal was a genuine iron chinned war, pacquiao's KO of hatton was a devastating show of power (notwithstanding Ricky's questionable punch resistance), The way Mayweather totally tamed Marquez was brilliant. All of these fights had elemetns of boxing that i find overwhelming and exciting.
Having that equalising power is something i find captivating about fighters though, especially when their skill set is far inferior to their opponent. I mean when abraham KO'd taylor, i think that was his only hope in the fight. I know taylor was diminished at that point, but it has been proven in subsequent fights that a good fighter can neutralise KO power to a point, but you can never be sure until that bell has rung! It creates totaly suspense for me during a fight.
I can't say i've ever *****ed my pants when i've watched a fight though.
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