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Default Re: Khan vs. Molina predictions

Khan by TKO if Molina isn't a tough SOB.. Which I think he might be so then Khan by UD

If Khan starts failing with the things he's 'learn't' then him and Virgil need to let him do his own thing.. he could still win that way.

Only been 3 month of practice. Ward has spent his whole career using, practising, changing and implementing the things Virgil has instilled in him. Don't expect Khan to suddenly be a ring Genius

Khan wins and we all get to see what Molina can do and whether he is a good fighter who we might see alot of later on @ 140

Molina seems determined. Not once has he mentioned Khan's chin only the fighter mentality Khan has when he gets ruffled up. Molina knows what he has to do... that's for sure. Think he is going to try and work the body get some rough house tactics in then try to get the opportunity to land on Khan's head... Peterson tactics without the height and plodding walk forward

6'3" Virgil Hunter by KO Angel in the early wrapping stages before the fight. FOTY and KO of the year.
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