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Default Re: Andy ruiz jr stopping elijah mccall

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
People are giving him a hard time because of his weight, but I just checked boxrec and it says he started his career weighing 297!!

That means hes lost 40lbs in the past few years.

Hopefully he does like Arreola and starts dedicating himself to his fitness
He turned pro at 297 (March 2009), by April 2011 he had dropped to 246, which is an impressive amount to lose and shows he was taking things seriously. However he's now at 256, so back up 10 lbs and from the talk on this thread he is unlikely to drop much weight again.

It's mentioned he felt off for his fight at 246, but there is likely plenty of reasons for that other that just being lighter. If he wasn't eating much in the run up to the fight, then depleted glycogen stores could mean he wasn't able to work at the same intensity as he normally would, as pace himself somewhat not to gas.
That doesn't mean he's not as a good a fighter at the lighter weight of 246, and if he was gradually losing weight between fights and got to that weight that way it's unlikely he'd feel that way. Made he was ill the day of the fight without realising, who knows, but it's very unlikely that his reduced performance was due simply to being lighter.

One of the posters here have talked about bad genetics, but that is often a cop out with people who are over weight. Is he, or his team aware of how many calories he eats on an average day ?, have they made a rough estimation of his metabolic rate ?, if not then you can't presume that his weight if anything other than why most people are overweight, they consume more calories than they expend.
Juan Diaz was mentioned as an example of 'bad genetics', despite being an excellent fighter. Sure Juan had great conditioning, and was a top fighter despite his flab, but imagine how good a fighter he would of been had he safely made Super-Featherweight. The main criticism against Juan was his lack of power, but you can be damn sure 130 lb fighters would of really felt his shots.

Ruiz likewise does seem very well conditioned. He's also got very quick hands, and puts his shots together brilliant. He's no doubt talented and I'm sure he works tremendously hard in the gym hence the skills and conditioning he has. I'm not trying to hate here, I think this guy has the makings of an excellent fighter. But putting his considerable bodyfat% down to simply 'bad genetics' is gonna hinder rather than help this guy from progressing.
I'd send the guy to a dietician, found out how much he actually does eat in a day and hopefully reduce this if he is over eating as I suspect. At the very least a dietician may be able to make recommendations where even if he doesn't lose weight, he'll be eating better and therefore recovering better from training, getting better gains from training and having more energy in fights.

It would be a shame to see a guy like this have his talent wasted, especially if he has the dedication required, simply because enough thought wasn't put in from a nutrition point of view.
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