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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Originally Posted by jan_fan View Post
I didn't see anything in the video that makes Pac aggressive to JMM's left. All I saw Pac diverting lefts and move to the left side of JMM but there was no aggression seen on JMM's left side. The rest the those video, all I saw was Pac getting aggressive on JMM's strong side where he can easily plant right fists on Pac which makes my case stronger.

Again, I give JMM the credit for not letting Pac move to his right spot but it shouldn't have been the case for Pac. He didn't adjust well on JMM's gameplan.
What? Manny threw punches in nearly every example I gave you as he was stepping towards JMM's left. He landed in a good number of them. The first youtube video shows him landing a left and a right as he steps over to his right.
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