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Default Re: I'll explain in DETAILS why PAC would never beat JMM

Marquez' style is a great counter to Pacquiao's...having a thread titled "Why Pacquiao will never beat him" when he has twice already (III was Marquez, but II I had him 1 point ahead also and I he got conned by the judge) is ridiculous considering many refs might have stopped the first fight in the first round, considering he got conned by the judge in the first fight and considering that his gameplan in IV was for the first time working 100%. He outlanded Marquez in every round, and his accuracy was better in EVERY round! This is unlike any of their previous fights so absolutely ridiculous to say Pacquiao can never beat him LOL

He landed more shots in round 4 and some people gave him that also, though many swung it to Marquez because of shock KO in round 3.

As the guy above says, Pacquiao's undoing was he saw Marquez weak, saw him struggling for breath - it's like people didn't even see round 5 and the first 2:59 of round 6 - Marquez was taking a beating, Pacquiao got reckless.

Had Pacquiao not been so overeager and just put that round in the bank Marquez would not have got that opportunity. Roach should have told Pacquiao to continue being careful after that big round 5 - Roach needs to rein in his fighter as Pacquiao always makes the same mistake.

He did it in the first fight, he lost rounds 3,4,5 and 6 of their first fight because he thought Marquez was hurt and went looking for the KO and that overly eager style is what marquez wants.

But tactically Pacquiao's movement in IV was finally getting the better of Marquez, just one moment of madness and Marquez punished him badly
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