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Exclamation Re: If Pacquaio is so Overrated, Why does JMM get Credit?

Originally Posted by jan_fan View Post
First of all, I'd would agree that Pac is now overrated

Secondly, JMM gets the credit of exposing his overratedness

And third of all, JMM also gets the credit for beating a supposedly "great" fighter who is faster, stronger, more powerful and way younger than him.

And what's hilarious is that JMM is already way passed the prime, cause an almost 40-year is already considered ancient for God's sake.

What's JMM's best weapon, a proper brain with a good common sense, which ironically is now Pac's proven weakness.

If I think JMM is someone who Pac can't really beat, I'd be shutting my mouth now and say "JMM is actually the better fighter" but it isn't the case for me.

Still, a full credit for JMM though and it should be.

4 fights, still the same gameplan JMM imposed and Pac never adjusted right on it.

Nice effort for Pac but brilliant tactic for JMM to capitalize on Pac's limited brain.
I would agree on some level that Manny is over rated. He has a very large and loyal fan base who think he's the best, ever. Which is clearly an opinion that can't be justified when names like Robinson, Saddler, Armstrong, Pep and Louis are thrown in the mix.

With that said, ALL fighters' who have accomplished something noteworthy and have loyal fans over rate them. Look at the Klitchkos or Floyd....even Juan. Most however rate them properly and accurately.

Juan absolutely deserves full credit for that win...he was banged up, bloodied and behind before taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself in the final second of round 6 that came from a charging Pac. Just an incredible way to end a fight against someone who has gone to war with you for almost a decade.

Juan is a very intelligent fighter and it did prove to be an always has. The truth is, Naho deserves a lot of credit for this win as well. He devised a game plan that ended up.working.

Even though Juan and Bernstien were losing the battles, they stuck to the game plan and stayed composed enough to take advantage of the opportunity that ended the war!

To say Pac isn't smart or in your words..has a "limited brain" would be a comment that came from someone who clearly doesn't know what they are talking about or, from someone who just doesn't like Manny.

In the ring, Pac has showcased a lot of ring intelligence in how he sets traps, baits and counters his opposition. A dumb boxer is a limited one who doesn't have many wrinkles to their game. Pac has many and has taken him to the highest levels of the sport.

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