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Default Re: Whats going on with Fred Mundraby.

Originally Posted by Left hook View Post
You can't have it both ways you said he had no business being in with ryo ahoha in his 13 th pro fight. then seem to say he should not of been fighting the softer fights coming back from it . At the end of the day Fred is like 15 and 1 and the jap he is about to face is like 10 and 1 . Either he is good enough or he isn't . They can build him up forever till he is like 100 and 1 . Yes they could of matched him a bit tougher to prepare him for these sorts of fights but that never happens in aus . Look at skinny , hussy , glen Kelly , Taylor , the list goes on and on
Well if you want to get your career back on track after been battered by a guy level's above him, then in your comeback fights you don't go back in against the level of opposition that he fought prior to fighting Akaho. Thats what set him up for such a big fall in the first place, fighting **** poor fighters in Australia. His comeback fights should not of been guys as good Akaho, but definetely not guys as bad as Siregar and Gabriel. Im glad to see that he has been pulled from facing Taiki Eto in Japan on 19th of December. You think its no difference that Mundraby is 14-1 and 10-1 ? If matchmaking was made on that logic there would be some fellas getting seiously hurt. Fred's record is totally padded compared to Eto's. Asian fighters are notorious for been matched very tough straight from the off in their pro career's. This "if he is not ready now he will never be ready" mentality is bull**** and not good enough. Needs proper developing. Fighting for the Aussie title and then fighting a guy who is fighting for the WBC title soon. Crazy!!
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