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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

First off, congrats to JMM for doing what he said he was going to. More often than not rematches end up being very technical affairs or more of the same old. That was not the case this time thankfully. I admire both fighters, but I have seen many more Pacquaio fights than JMM's. I buy ppv fights often, and I also boycott many. A quick glance at some statistics from the first three fights to me paint a picture of JMM ad******g to Manny over the 3 fights, getting better as time went on. This fight was on my boycott list cuz I thought Manny had nothing to gain with another bout against a very dangerous man. But come fight night I relented (somewhat) from my boycott and went out, bought some Glenlivet 12yr old and went to a friends house who is married to a Fillipina and is a big Pacquaio fan. ( I actually introduced him to boxing) Here's my recollection of the fight watched with a nice dose of scotch amid many avid Pacman fans.

Early rounds were close, could have gone either way, I wasn't scoring the fight. Then came the first knockdown. That was a solid shot and very similar to the one that ko'd him. Manny came back pretty well the next round and then Marquez got knocked down, but it was more of a flash knockdown while previously Manny got FLOORED! (some will disagree... see other thread ) Skip to rd 5 and Manny SEEMS to be doing well, flurrying etc, but he kinda looks panicky to me, just throwing ****, not really trying to set JMM up for something. I said to myself. Manny's in trouble here. Then came round 6 and Manny is beginning to distance himself from JMM and I forgot all about the nervous flurries.. Really touching him up and causing some damage. I honestly thought that in 2 or 3 rounds that Marquez would be finished. And then the final KO shot came. I knew immediately that it was over. What a fight!! I think the historical signifigance of this fight is being overlooked by many right now. For me this is a Leonard / Duran type of event. Lets savor this great time in boxing. On a side note, I've heard references to JMM using peds. I don't believe it. I think it may be possible that JMM roided up during training, but is that against the rules? I don't think so. as long as you test clean. I would love to see a 5th fight (can't believe I'm saying that ) but its true.
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