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Default Re: All I hear is that Pac was dominating the fight

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
I'm not going to say MArquez was juiced, but he took an almight beating in round 5, more than any one of the 2 has taken in their 3 previous fights, in many ways even more so than Round 1 of their 1st fight.

Round 6 was all Pacquiao's also and he was looking to finish him off...but only people looking to discredit Pacquiao will deny that Marquez was hanging on at that point (by his own admission) and lucky for him Pacquiao gave him the opening to execute that clinical shot...

The punch wasn't lucky, but the fact such a ridiculous opening (falling forward off balance, chin exposed, etc) presented itself was lucky
like someone alrady said i think Marquez knew he couldnt count on the judges so he was just trying to KO Pacquiao, People say Marquez was on PEDs because he wasnt flinching but he got KD once and at one point he was ready to go which is why Pacquiao got to aggressive and opened up
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