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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Thanks Yaca.

Thanks for finding the other two fights Yaca. I’ve really been wanting to see the Penek fight to see how he’s handled his injury and by Thai standards the looooong break. It looks like it’s cost him a little, he looked a bit “heavy” and slow on his feet on the outside in the first three making him easier to tip off balance and counter. Seems there’s some controversy over the decision on the forums, sure it was close but with the current way the Thai scoring system gives a lot precedent to knees and clinch work you can kind a see why it went to Penek by a hair. He won both the 4th (just) and for me he won the 5th with his clinch work. The 3rd was massive for Petpanomrung, who looks quality from range. Anyway, he was unlucky not to get the nod against Sagetdao earlier in the year and he’d had an amazing run so I don’t mind him getting the benefit of the doubt. If he gets active again I still think he’ll get better and better. Thinking about why the Sam-A rematch didn’t happen this time, maybe after his break he felt he needed a few “regular” fights before such a high profile rematch.

Is Sam-A the most elusive fighter in Muay Thai? Is he possible one of the greatest defensive fighters of all time? They should call him the ghost cos he is just impossible to hit, a super skilled elite fighter! It’s very very very hard to fight MT going backwards, it’s a forward thrusting pressure style so to win in such an emphatic manner against top tier fighter on the back foot is pure genius. He has to be one of the greatest of the current crop of top tier guys.

A great night of MT!

Funny GIF! What is it with guys like JCVD and Seagal? They seem to loooove associating themselves with fighters these days. I reckon a part of them regrets never really having a proper fight career and going into the movies. Do you reckon JCVD has snorted so much of the white stuff he actual thinks the Tong Po fight is a genuine memory?!


On a serious note, I know JCVD has a bit of an amateur FC Karate record but he ain’t never gonna fight Somluck and if he does even though he clearly has the weight advantage he’s only find pain and lots of it, he gets brutally battered by an out of shape Somluck.

“The only reason the fight didn’t happen was that I was filming the Expendables 2. I want to fight him next December in either Thailand or the Middle East and we will film episodes of me and him training for a website and the fight itself will also be shown live on the website so we should get 50 or 60 million viewers.”
OK Claude, keep sniffing the white stuff……

Here’s the fight Jomhod Somluck fight again recorded by someone at Lumpinee that night. You can see JCVD at the beginning pre fight and making an **** out of himself at 10:04. Check Somrak’s face at 13.21 just before the 5th……says it all really! (Thanks to

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