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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Even though David Haye in my opinion was ****ed during this fight. Them cortisone injections, clearly affected him! Too much of that **** was circulating him his blood stream.

Round 4 was a decent round from David Haye, when he decided to throw his jab. One of the biggest technical mistakes David Haye made against Wladimir Kiltscko was not to throw his jab with bad intention enough. Who gives a **** that somebody is 6"6 and has a bigger reach, if you don't throw your own jab..? Your only going to encourage the other fighter to throw theirs. Wladimir Kiltschko was detered slightly in throwing his own jab, just from afew Hayemaker jabs with intent.

David Haye in general, never throws his ****ung jab with intention. Even against Derek Chisora it was pathetic.

1hour mark of this video, is round 4.

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