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Default Re: Jeffries Admits Munroe Did Not Merit Title Chance

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Who said it was a fix? Do you have any names? The new reports say it was an action fight with heavy punches landed. McCoy was a good fighter, with wins over name heavies.

According to the ref, it was a bit of both. We know you are not fair minded on this and other topics is not your bag. The important Corbett match for Jeffries was the first fight. Corbett was in top shape, 33, and his own people consider it his best ring effort.

Who says so?

It seems certain that McCoy faked the knockout loss to win bets.
Thats Box rec

"The adoration was short-lived, as his next fight, a five-round knockout over [ame=""]Kid McCoy[/ame], was widely believed to be a fix."

"August 30 - James J. Corbett KOs Kid McCoy, five rounds, Madison Square Garden. Rumors surface that McCoy took a dive. The question is never satisfactorily answered. The same day the Horton law, governing boxing in New York since 1896, is repealed by the Lewis Law. Boxing will continue in New York on a club membership basis only until 1911."

The two in retirement below.


It seems certain that McCoy faked the knockout
loss to win bets

"The Corbett fight was the subject of controversy, as the ending was suspect and Corbett's estranged wife claimed the bout was fixed. That became the general opinion among New York sportwriters "
In your previous post ,you made three threeads I ripped them to pieces , you havent even referred to them here!
Par for the course really.

Do you know, the only reason I bother baiting you is for the entertainment value. You are beyond a joke, you are farcical.

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